Loren Poncia is a fourth generation rancher in Marin County near San Francisco. His roots trace back to when his great-grandfather, Angelo “Pa Nono” Poncia, emigrated from Italy in the late 1890s to start a new life. Today, he continues this tradition on the same land Angelo once walked on years ago. It is now named Stemple Creek Ranch after the waterway that runs through the ranch and into the Pacific Ocean. Poncia's mission is to provide grass fed and finished beef to the Bay Area through championing wildlife restoration and improving the biodiversity on the land. A measured return of wildlife can be seen. When human action has hurt the environment, human action is required to heal it. 

Marin County family farmers and ranchers face numerous challenges when it comes to transitioning properties to the next generation. Because of it's proximity to the tech boom of the Bay Area, property values and corresponding taxes have skyrocketed because they are based on residential and commercial prices not agricultural. Loren has worked with and served on Marin Agricultural Land Trust (MALT) who will buy the residential and commercial development rights to ensure land stays committed to agriculture. 


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